Wednesday, December 9, 2009

These are books that are filled with pictures of my dreams, photos/thoughts of future home ideas, passions, desires, quotes. My very own books that inspires me. Things I want to eventually paint are in here all sorts of juicy yummy fun things that tantalize my mind.

Now this is a close up of a painting I started 2 years ago. Yes this painting took me two years. All the lines consist of glitter. Flying cards, and yes my little "White Rabbit". Everyone has a "White Rabbit" some just dont know it. I do.

Another close up of the painting. Below is a picture of the actual size. Its A Mad Tea Party. I wish I was actually there. Maybe my subconscious was when I painted it. I was getting the biggest high as I painted, glittered and drew line upon line not knowing what idea was going to come next. I am a in the moment creator. I can never know what to expect when I start a painting, its so unpredictable. Its all in the moment thereof. Thats Joy to me.

And everyday as I walk down the stairs I see it full blown on my parents wall. The "Jolt of Joy" is so great. My mom when she saw it she couldnt part with it. My dad wanted to trade some serious silver pieces for it. But I couldnt give in. Until my mom made a deal with me that she would get me a iPhone if she could own it officially. So I get to come downstairs every morning and see it and have an white stellar iPhone. Double "Jolt of Joy" baby!


  1. Dallas I love you, I do. Also, I have that lamp in the background of your first picture! My mom got it for me for my bday last year from Christie's store! I love it, it is my favorite part of my room.

  2. i love your painting. it's beautiful.