Thursday, January 14, 2010

From Vincent to Me

Call me kinda obsessive....but I totally am, with Vincent Gallo. He is one of my favorite icons. He's done some pretty dark stuff, but he has been a long time friend of my family, plus he has given me personal advise that benifited my creative abilities. For one thing he jams with Joni Mitchell! Anyway, so lately he has been on my mind a lot, his advise especially. I am back at school, which feels so psychotic at times. I dislike it to certain degree. But I want to do it cause its a challenge and I need to advance my art abilities. So the advice that he gave me personally echoes in my mind as I wonder the crazy halls of a so called University. Vincent is an painter, movie maker, muscian, actor, model, and who knows what else. Oh and he is passionate about Vintage Audio which is why he knows my dad very well. He dropped out of school at a very young age. And he agrees with me and my concepts of school and success which I will not share here. But here are just a titch his genius words:

"Real concept of art is: No self gratification"

"Blow your mind man!"

"Don't call it your "Art".

"Never label yourself as an "ARTIST", never. It limits the creativity process."

Thats just a portion of it. As I attend school taking art classes and art history. My mind is constantly thinking "art," and I love it. Who knows what will come from the so called school experience, Im not going to be brain washed like everybody else with the idea that school is the only way, but it is indeed a good thing . Thats all I have to say! Thankya Vincent! P.S. I sorta am obsessed with his face thus all the pictures. Dont ask me why. (Dez dont judge haha!)

I have never bonded with a dog before. But his...oh my gosh I got to walk her and I fell in love with her. Still to this day no dog compares. Especially looks wise.


  1. dallas you are so fabulous. have you ever thought about going to an art school? a friend of isaac's family goes to one in the riverwoods that he raves about constantly!

  2. Dallas I did not judge you poo poo head!! I love Vincent, one of the most talented people in the world! You just know how to blog about those who have created true inspiration for the world. You're awesome girl! Love ya!