Monday, January 25, 2010

Latest Music OBSESSION!!

So my buddy showed me this band The Black Keys who I fell in love with then he told me about the main singer and how he has his own album and that I would really like it. The singer is Dan Auerbach. He was actually with the Black Keys, now he has his own thing going. I found my new favorite style of music. The guitar is thick and ruff. The best sounding guitar I have ever heard. Every song on his album "Keep It Hid," is so good. Its rare when you find a cd where every song is addicting. Anyway, I cant get enough of this album. I m trying to spread it out so I wont get sick of it, but I dont think its possible. P.s. I am drawing again!! I was having a huge dry spell. But this music has gotten my juices flowin again.... oh, and Charlotte Gainsnourg. Beach House too. Dang I love music! If you cant tell already.

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