Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Than Any Artist!

So I received the best gift ever for Christmas. "The Art of Tim Burton" book was my favorite gift. My mom told me ever since I was 2 that all I wanted to do was watch "Beetlejuice", and that I would walk around the house saying his name over and over as if I wish he would appear. "Beetlejuice" was my first love of all the Tim Burton movies and wont be the last. Over the years Tim Burton has inspired me on every level artistically. He literally is my all time favorite creator. I get him, and I ve followed his every move over his movie making life. And now I have a book full of his sketches and randomness (which he never intended to show one soul) which I think are just beautiful and inspiring. He is fearless. My goal is to be as fearless as him, and as random too! Below are pictures from his book, the book weighs like 10 pounds! I would keep it with always if it wasn't for the weight.
Inspirations and many more will haunt me because I finally now have a better peak into his unique mind. This book does just that.

Who just puts pumpkins in a christmas tree?? I love it!

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