Saturday, January 23, 2010

You never know a person.....until you try.

So all my girlfriends went up to Salt Lake tonight and I have just been too tired and busy to even function let alone spend time with my family. So I decided to stay home. My dad and I started talking. He told me one of his past time favorite songs was "Crimson and Clover". It shocked me. I always knew my dad had had appreciation for music mostly classical. But Joan Jett, hello. We started talking music and we were passionate about a lot of same singers and songs. So it led us to his "lare". Meaning his audio room. He has shelves full of Records and cds, and the greates speaker set up ever. We searched through his music. It was sooooo fascinating. He had records of some of my all time favorite artist. There are pictures of just a few of them. Then we played the records and cds on his bad@$$ Speakers. His turntable that plays records is sublime. I have never had such a great time! Our passion for music is deeply connected. He rocks in his king rocking chair and listens to a sound system that makes you think the band is actually there playing in front of you, it sounds that clear and good. When I was a little girl and I was scared at night in bed, I would hear his music and run down and sit on his lap. And he would rock me to sleep until my head became limp and would sway back and forth with the motion of his rocking chair. I always felt so safe with him. I love his passion for Vintage Audio. Its pure art, visually and audibly. My dad literally is the coolest most noblest man I have ever met. I love you Kevin Ray Brooks a.k.a. Papa Bear/Dadio!! P.s. Longest blog ever! Hope you enjoy the delicious Record covers and Vintage Audio.


  1. I've always thought your dad was so awesome. Especially because of his love for music. I hope to have a room like his when I'm older and have my own home.

  2. I love that post!!! Isn't Dad the greatest... I love him sooooo much!!! I knew you and Dad had a lot in common :) I love ya Dallas!

    Desi poo