Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Peek Into My Soul

All I know is this in this crazy world; I LOVE to live by my 5 senses- Intensely. I love music, film, literature, pictures and anything that allows me to feel deep emotion. I love films and books like Weathuring Heights, Great Expectations, Last of the Mohicans, Legends of the Fall, Little Women, Edward Scissor Hands, Labyrinth, Wicker Park, The Pianist, The Crucible, A River Runs Through It. All of these films are depressing, but I love what I experience as I watch them; intense emotion. Also I start to feel this warmth inside, a cozy warm feeling as I am experiencing it all. I have no idea why, I just really appreciate the so called Romanticism category in life. But of all things I do love and especially this time of the year is RAIN! I love seeing the valley slowly turn greener and greener as the rain replenishes the bare boned trees and bland grasses. I love looking out the window with a great book in hand, a blanket wrapped around me feeling all cozy and warm inside. These picks get me excited for the upcoming rainfall of sweet, fresh April Showers.

Best all time kiss in the rain. Great Expectations I love you!

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