Friday, April 23, 2010


I am finally doing a blog on my sisters beautiful french home. I have been meaning to do this for a while. Now that school is done, I can hang out with my sister more. Yesterday we spent sometime together. I have been needing her so bad lately, and she is always there for me. So while I had to wait for her to pick up her two hilarious little boys, I said, "Nows the time". So I went to all my favorite rooms in her house and got some pics. Its breathtaking. I love how her and her husband Matt have created their lives. Its out of this world. And another thing, it is full of TURQUOISE! My whole family, from my aunts to my cousins, from my mom, and sister to me....we are obsessed with turquoise. My sisters home even made it on the famous website "House of Turquoise". This is her home, and a couple of pics of my little nephews, her sons. One also needs to see her lovely blog as well, if you love her home, you will love her blog: DÉCOR DE PROVENCE
Blue yourself.

The Kitchen.

The Family Room.

Her bedroom.

Her bathroom

The Dining Room

Her cello room. I love the fact that she plays the cello.

Even her children wear blue all the time, haha, makes me happy. Sawyer above and Jordan below.

Strawberry anyone???

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  1. dallas,
    her house is captivating! I am in love with it and am inspired to create a life for me! . . . here's to hoping/working hard for that . ..