Friday, April 9, 2010

Its All About the Details in Life and Everything Else

I thought I would post the pictures I took when I went to Europe last summer. I am missing England and France so much right now. Especially all the details these two countries paint so vividly in everything they do. I miss Harrods, and the gorgeousness they put into their food and displays! Its ridiculous. Harrods I think will be in Heaven, or it just is heaven. When I went with my mom, and we first arrived in London, she couldn't do anything until she went to her favorite place in the world; Harrods. She was so desperate to show me her new found sanctuary. I loved seeing her in her complete element. My mom is magical, thats all I can say. And so are these photos.

Oh my dearest macaroons from Laduree, you are not only gorgeous little morsels, but you taste like yummy perfume too!

Details like this ship were in the smallest corners that nobody could really see or appreciate. I couldnt believe some of the treasures I found that lurked in dark corners.

Even the cows and roosters are different in Europe.


  1. Looking at these images makes me want to cry... seriously!!! We are going back this year... no questions asked. My heart aches for that part of the world and you just made my day by this spectacular post... thank you! Love you girl!!!


  2. Ok I need tips of places I need to visit when I'm there! We need to talk.