Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mother of Pearl!!

My dad has been on a loooong break of his passion for audiophile. But, finally, my dad is back!! His awsome little Audiophile buddies keep coming over to the house to test the sound systems. My dad even made some gorgeous new speakers. Its official he passed down his audiophile gene to me, glorious. There are so many audiophile nutto's out there. I tried to find some amazing set ups owned by a audiophile nut. I once saw this picture of a french guys speaker system........words cannot describe. He worked with my dad, I cant seem find the picture sadly. Turntables are so gorgeous, depending on some. My dads is ridiculously amazing. Also, I LOVE tube amps. I think they are absolutely beautiful. I was always fascinated by them growing up. My dad would always emphasis, not to touch them cause it would singe my hand. So I always looked at them in awe. True art, which help create sound--music. Music one of my true passions. So dearest speakers, I love you.

I am obsessed with Mac Products. I want a set up like this one!

The large red speakers in the back ground my dad created them for a man in Cypres, an island on the Mediteranian. Ya my dad made those.

My dad just made these. They make the best sound.


  1. Gorgeous post Dallas! Isn't this stuff true works of art? Unlike anything I have ever seen! Dad is so amazing... I love that man! Thanks for doing this post!

    Love ya,

  2. I still can't believe how awesome your dad is. He makes the most amazing speakers. Lucky you!!