Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From Fishies to Shoes

So my buddy designed these shoes below, the sneaker Reeboks. I found them today and I almost peed my pants, I want them. I love shoes. Yes I do. So I was looking up some of my favorite shoe designers and I found some. But then I realized the person who always has the most gorgeous shoes alive is Kristen Stewart. I totally have chick crush on her and her style. Her shoes are are the sort of shoes I would buy. Even her sneakers rock my world. And her evening outfits. She dresses the way I would for the red carpet, no question about that. Except I would definitely wear earrings....what's up with that Kristen? Where some dang earrings once in a while.




Proenza Schouler

Can I please have your Joy Division T-shirt Kristen??!

Purely insane dress....I love it.

I love this #2

I love this #1

I love this #3


  1. i love kristen stewart tooooooo. she is so fab.

  2. LOVE the Proenza and Balenciaga shoes, if onl I could buy them!! Great blog, we'll definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy.

    Friday Feeling :) x