Monday, May 3, 2010

Sweet Mercy

A couple of years ago I took a drive up to Sundance, my fav. place, to get away from it all. As I walking around by myself, I saw someone heading my way with a gorgeous vintage black motorcycle. I was so into the motorcycle and the bodice that I barely even recognized that it was Robert Redford pushing it along. He said hello, I was in double shock. I said hello back. I so desperately wanted to thank him for having created a little piece of heaven on earth; Sundance. And for making one of my all time favorite films, A River Runs Through It. But I didnt want to pester him. After witnessing Robert Redford with one of the most amazing bikes I d ever seen, I decided to go home look up vintage motorcycles and watch A River Runs Through It. The only thing is I dont know if his bike was a Vincent Black Shadow (one of the fastest motorcycles ever created) but even if he didnt, Robert did lead me to this amazing craftsmanship on wheels.

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