Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Words of Distinction

The other day I had an interesting convo with a friend of whom I sent a letter and gift to six months ago. He just so happened to receive it like two days ago. Thus the crown pic below. He was pretty frustrated it took so long to get to him. I laughed. Anyway, so I wrote a letter of why I gave him the books I sent him. And he apparently was a studier of handwriting/penmanship........Oh boy. He thinks he knows everything. So he pretty much analyzed my life in this single letter. It was quiet the experience. A lot of things I already knew about myself. I just so happened to have studied a book on handwriting. He told me my handwriting is a contradiction according to what he already knows about me, whatever Rolland!! To some degree he could be right, my handwriting does change back and forth from cursive to chicken scratch.
So lately I have been observing my journals. The sloppiness and neatness do definitely indicate whether I was going through hard times, or amazing times. My handwriting is also back and forth between slants and being straight up and so forth.....which means (so he says) I rarely live in the future, mostly in the present, and just slightly in the past. Also apparently I have a lot of secrets. And also he told me I appear to be sexual and then not sexual....what the hell??? haha like I even believe all of it. But I do find that sort of stuff fascinating.
When I do write in my journals I write a very distinctive intense cursive so its hard for others other than me to read it. Haha thats how many secrets I have. I have a serious goal to have a particular persons penmenship......oh so beautiful. Its definitely an art that I want to obtain.

Peeks into my Journals below....cursive, chicken scratch then cursive again, I cant seem to make up my mind....."Who Am I??" haha Jk. I do know this: I am always changing and evolving constantly.....and I think my handwriting indicates that randomness very well. At least thats what my mom tells me.

The handwriting of others, other than me. These are beautiful letters:

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