Sunday, July 4, 2010

Johnny Cash sings "This Land Is Your Land"

I found this clip on one of my all time favorite blogs, The Selvedge Yard. I had to steal it. I cant tell you how much I LOVE this song. It hits me to the core. Not to mention one of the effects of Johnny Cashs' deep rich southern voice, it just adds even more americana to it. 4th of July is my all time favorite holiday next to Halloween. I have such a respect for the sacrifice of the founding fathers establishing truth and justice into the foundation of this nation. Things are definitely taking a turn. But all I know is this Land is special. Happy 4th of July!!!

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  1. I love that. This Fourth of July i've missed our all night celebrating shanagins, adventures, food, camping out before the parade, and you and I making our way home to watch the flag raising. You grounded me! Such great memories Dal! I miss you terribly. Good times.