Saturday, July 10, 2010


So forget Paris, Italy, London.........I am in love with Transylvania!! The architecture, back woods, mist, vibe, darkness, everything! I have been reading the epic novel of Bram Stokers Dracula, (which is so amazing!!) and the descriptions of this place is so mysterious and intriguing. I have always wanted to go to Eastern Europe more so than other parts of Europe. I have been doing some studying on this mysterious little country and I am bound to it. The pics below are taken from the homeland its self. Transylvania is definitely my kind of territory.


  1. Lets go NOW!! Beautiful images Dal Dal... seriously... lets go NOW!! I want Europe so bad, you have no idea!
    Always inspiring images, love ya girl!


  2. I have fallen in love with that place officially now. wow.

  3. we are so similar darling! seriously. i went through a transylvania phase about a year ago.. and i LOVE that you love it too. we were destined to meet each other... let's go one day

  4. Happy you find Transylvania so great! It really is amazing. Just one brief comment: Transylvania is not a 'little country', it's the central region of Romania. :) So make sure to book the flights right :)