Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bright Star

So I decided to paint and watch the film "Bright Star" today. It truly was inspiring. I love coming across passionate individuals in life. John Keats, one of the most beloved Romantic Poets, truly is a passionate soul. He inspires me. No one can put more perfect visual words together in such a way. He truly mastered the ability to be poetic. The film of its self is a gem. I saw this film last fall with my sister and aunts. I knew as I was watching that I shouldnt have seen it with anyone but myself. It was sooo long and boring to them. But I found it simply delicious. Every scene, and word. I have the soundtrack too. Lots of John Keats poems. Well I hope those who watch truly appreciate it the way it is meant to be appreciated. A fine piece of work it is.

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