Friday, September 24, 2010

A Great Fall Day.....

Ahhhh today. It was full of interesting emotions. Lately I have been dying to go up to Midway and just get lost in endless fields. So as weird as I am, I did it. I got the lost in some random magic place. I found a little heaven on earth. I took one of my favorite books and old old sketch book that I created 5 years ago. Its a gem, and is going to be worth thousands one day with all the narly drawings I have done in it. Luckily it had a few pages in the back blank so I could document some similar feelings and experiences I have been having that is similar to what I wrote/experienced 5 years ago. Pretty cool.
As I relaxed on a large blanket I found a large feather, mentally tried to talk myself out of confessing something huge to someone, and I read verses that beautifully intoxicated my mind, all while turkey's gobbled a few yards away.
I love being alone with myself. Its heaven. Later on tonight I went with my mom, sister, and bestie Marin to dinner and "Witches Night Out". A special outing we have every year at my Aunts haunted decor store. Halloween tradition. It was such a good time. I also confessed something to someone.....liberated and scared at the same time. What a day! What a beautiful day.....

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  1. Pretty post! And yes those photos on my blog are from my phone! Insane huh!