Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Dream: A Reality....Finally

Okay so I just want to start off, by saying I LOVE the Northwest......and NOT because of Twilight. Okay?! So this is why I have dreamt, since the summer I met Brooke Henderson when I was just 12, to visit the great Northwest.
Having been friends with Brookieboy and hearing about all the intriguing things of Oregon growing up caused a fascination, okay obsession, for Oregon. Let alone watching Practical Magic almost 4 times every other month when I was a youngin caused an intrigue with Washington state as well. Combined with a couple other side notes concerning everyone I know who is super cool, literally has came from the upper left corner of the states. Throughout the years, I got to hear from Brooke and her family about all the incredible food, hidden emerald clear as day pools tucked away in lush green forrest, and other unique things about Oregon. I knew right away that I would fall in love with a place with so many elements that seemed to match everything that I love in this life. So, FINALLY, I got to see Oregon and all its greatness! I got to experience it the "Henderson" way. And I LOVED it all! So this is me documenting my trip over the week. Starting with Day 1:

We got to roam around Salem, where Brooke and her family were raised. Such a unique little city. Perfect for fall.

After Salem, we headed for the country side to visit E.Z. Orchards, and to a pumpkin patch. The general store there was literally out of a movie. So charming.

We then went on the hunt for a particular old covered bridge.
And enjoyed all the random orchards surrounding it.

Joan, Brookes mom and I above. Whom I love so much, and have missed so much!
Brooke below with her as well.

At the end of our crisp fall outing, we sat down and laughed all night sipping on hot spiced apple cider, and dunking pumpkin doughnuts in it. It was the perfect fall day.
Thats the first day of my trip to Oregon.
What a great day.


  1. Wow, I had no idea that you were snapping pics that whole time, sneaky sneaky. They turned out really cool.

  2. ok i wish that little market was by my house, it's so cute. i love it. and you look so great in your pictures. you and i need to move up there