Saturday, October 16, 2010


Yesterday I went up to Park City to meet up with my family; aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, and siblings. They were all up there for three nights renting a condo for a Halloween party getaway. It was super fun. My mom, sister, and I wanted to go to main street, and after we hit every store that appealed to us we decided to head back, and as we did we drove past this hidden art boutique just off of main street. I have always passed it and been SO drawn to it over the years. I even begged my mom to stop there every time we had driven past it. So this time I made her follow through. Boy, were we happy we did. It was the coolest art boutique EVER. It is called "Tumbleweeds." It is owned by a artist and a jeweler. I became good friends with the jeweler by the time we left. He noticed my obsession for bones, aka "skellies" (so he called them). He ended up showing me all his skelly jewelry. It was incredible. He told me how he would take plastic little bones from random places like Riteaid cheap halloween decorations, or off a random spray paint can with a random skull head on it, and cast the bones into a mold. And then fill that cast with real sterling silver or gold. His jewelry was not cheap. Nor should it be. He told me he would do a custom piece for me. I definitely need to save up. So here's to my new artist buddy Jo and our love for "Skellies."

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