Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Few Things Im Loving Right Now:

Marin, how I love our great talks. You listen to me in a way no body does. Thanks Mernie bug- I love YOU!!

Brookieboy and Mary Berry, oh how we have been besties from before I can remember. Im so glad we are still not married, hehehe. Our Birthday PP Party is so going to ROCK IT tomorrow. Miss Piggy will definitely make an appearance!

Stephanie and her husband Chris are too good to me! The dinners, the convos, the Gypsy Cab show. Im loving knowing these two!

My table next to my bed with some of my precious treasures. From books to bunnies, to glittered skulls, to my small candle stick collection. They bring me such joy.

My booby shirt from Rolland, he created it. Yes booby shirt, I love it sooo much. New fav item. Rolland it is too grand knowing you!

Jordan you sure know how to be Napolean. You are a blast. You too little Emmy


  1. jordan is the perfect napolean!! isaac and i got a good laugh out of that picture, so funny. we need to hang out!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I feel so privileged to be in your post!!!! We Love you too:)

  3. wow! i am honored to be posted in your amazing blog! gee whiz. i love you and i love that you think i give you good advice. poor girl, i am going to lead you down the wrong path if you keep listening to me. i love you and am so blessed to know you