Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Band: Radio Moscow

Cha CCHa Ching!! Found new music again. Booya. Best thing ever is to find new music to paint to. The Black Keys produced this bands first album. The band is "Radio Moscow."
I dig them.
Listened to them a while back, but my love for Rock/Blues has grown increasingly. Cant get enough blues these days. Radio Moscow has some sweet guitar plucks and strings that keep me enthralled. Plus an edge of rock baby. Saw my friends brothers band called "Gypsy Cab." Her bro has some mad skills on the guitar. Its refreshing to have someone from Provo be as good as he is. Left me wanting more. his music sort reminded me of the Radio Moscow. I just love a rich, thick, lush guitar sound.


  1. :) checking out radio moscow rigghhttt NOW

  2. I've been DYING for new music. Thank you! :)