Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving at Le Caille

La La La Caaaiiillllleee.......
My Thanksgiving was delectable! I had such a great day. Went up to La Caille near Salt Lake and dined the way I most prefer. The food was heaven on earth, and the company was sweet and chill. Just my mom, dad and I. My two sibs went with their spouses families. The perks of being the youngest and single is trips to Cali, and restaurants like La Caille for Thanksgiving. Not bad at all. After the delicious dinning experience we went and saw Burlesque. LOVED that movie. Cher you still got it. Im grateful for my family and the beautiful world and life they create around me and with me. Next week: Laguna Beach, CALIFORNIA!! CHRISTMAS SHOPPIN! Now that beats Utah shopping, for sure. H&M I miss you, and want you...Lanvin you too. The week after that I meet a special someone, hehe.
Gitty am I!

The Gate.

Sites surrounding La Caille.

Damn my mom looks good!

I devoured the drumstick, like I do every year.

Blue flamed bananas foster, my favorite desert in Salt Lake.

Whipped cream ruffles.

I see you Momma!


  1. what a lovely thanksgiving!! you look fabulous, and i'm jealous you're going to cali! let's plan a little cousin christmas get together dinner soon.