Thursday, December 23, 2010


*I love the fun vibe in the air!
*I love it that i just got some stellar knee high sleek motorcycle boots that used to be 2oo marked down to 100 dollars just today.
*I love when my mom bakes for the holidays and the smell haunts you to death!! I want mintz meat pie!!
*I love the fact that I get to open my skull handmade blanket that Brookieboys mom made for me!!
*Sorta depressed at the thought that I still have never experienced being kissed under the mistletoe.....WHATS UP WITH THAT!
*I love that I ran in the pouring rain tonight and LOVED every minute of it. Could I please do it again!
*I LOVE my mommas flocked Christmas tree and its yummy candy looking ornaments.
*I love it that I will get my skull covered Alexander McQueen scarf in a couple of days. AND that I will wear it almost everyday.
*I love it that I got teary eyed watching Twilights Eclipse movie. WOW I must say that thats embarrassing.
Okay I'm tired of thinking. Goodnight.

I love this little marshmallow snow man. I pinch him everytime I see him wanting him to be soft like a mallow. But he's not. Boooooo.

Me and my sibs all have our very own Christopher Radko ornament that my mom picked for us, that she thought resembled us individually. Dez has a glittered cello with a red ribbon on the neck cause she plays the cello. Derek has a European looking chapel cause he served his LDS Mission in Switzerland, its beautiful. And mine.... well my mom picked it cause it had a star and red and turquoise on it. But secretly I know she was stumped on finding something that resembled me with the artist collection.

I made the star, can you tell?? hehe

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