Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well, well I am sooo tired these days. Doesnt help staying up till almost three every night talking to a fascinating someone. All in all Im super pumped to leave this cold cold weather, and have a little break and leaving to another part of the world not too far from here. I love the thought of walking around Balboa Island (California) with my mom and sister and pretty much being peeping toms peeking into the darling homes on that island. The homes all have little personalities that make me giddy. Also to see sail boats on the ocean decorated with christmas twinkle lights. Im ready for some damn good food, and visually stimulating ambiance. Life is crazy cool these days. I keep asking myself is this a dream, then I find myself pinching my arm. Not a dream. Yesssssss.
I think the pics below are hot sexy cool. Michael Keaton was the best batman yet, that is of course of the Tim Burton Batman films. And for Cat Woman.... shit sexy cool.

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