Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Epic Moments from 90's

Okay so I am totally having an obsession with the ninties, have been for the past 6 years. I really do think it was the best 10 years on earth. From the films to the music, economy, technology... everything. Prime. Also there is something so sexy about dating someone whose high school years was in the nineties. I love looking at his pictures from the nineties, so unique. He admitted to wearing jubos jeans, and I wanted to make out with him then and there. hahaha Total turn on. Anyway here are some pics that capture great moments from that perfect era.

Brad Pitts long hair. Let alone the films he chose to be in.

Boby Dylans son and the Wallflowers is damn good. Cranberries as well. Such great music then.

Of course the pixie Winona. She owned the 90's.

The crazy marriage of Curt Cobain and Courtney Love. NIRVANA also owned the 90's.

Calvin Klein ads. From Kate Moss to Vincent Gallo, to Wahlberg dude. There was such a superiority with Banana Republic, and even Gap that has never been the same since the 90's. So sad. Bring back those 90's designers, they new what they were doing!

Best Gap ad.


  1. that is so funny. i totally had a pair of girbauds too. want to make out with me. they were hunter green, kind of like my truck! i liked the flannel shirts from the 90's. actually weezer and nirvana rocked great style back then.