Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Dysfunctional Abstract

I love seeing the world through my eyes. Its a little different. Everything comes in bright bold colors. Abstraction is my world. To some degree my world would look a lot like something similar to Tim Burtons world. Except I would change of few things.
I love faces. I will always find them the most fascinating thing in the world. Apart from trees, and bones. Every face tells a story. Every wrinkle, every eye holds light or darkness, every smile has warmth or forgery....the list goes on and on. The beauty about creating in your own little world is that you can do anything you want. Anything. I am liberated every day because of this freedom. So here is a peak into my way of seeing these faces. Simple and carefree.

Vincent Gallo


Dilated pupil... aka My Bowie.

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