Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Happy Time

OH mY GoSh!! I had the best time of my life in LA. I have to blog about it. Its a long colorful post just warning ya! I got my New Years kiss haha! I had the most deliscious New Years Eve dinner. The dinner alone blew my mind! I ate some flavors that I wanted to bathe in. Literally. EUPHORIA!
Other than that I was spoiled with sweetness and kindness from my special man. Heres a huge huge thank you for the time of my life.
I took some photos of his rad studio. And some incredible things he got me. Knowing that I am an artist he showed and got me things that he knew would inspire me!He gets me.

Santa Monica
A real wild parrot was in a tree in the park. He was beautiful.

We wanted give away food so it wouldn't smell up his car.
Pigmented inks to draw with.

He got me a book. I believe its one of my favorite photographers.
Mika Ninagawa, no one has captured color like this artist.

I have a thing for black roses........ haha

Shoes he designed. Inspired by France.

Puff coat he created for me, he knows how I love skulls. Ah I love this jacket!!

Pics of his studio below.

His Logo.

Shoe's he designed.

His portrayal of Marilyn.

A book he was featured in. He creates the most incredible clothing/art I have ever seen!


  1. What the heck???
    Your man's creativity is brilliance. I can only imagine your two creative minds together. But wait ... he lives in LA???? The guy I'm dating will be moving to LA this year. We should discuss.