Sunday, February 13, 2011


It has just been decided today I get to meet up with my man in Vegas tomorrow for Valentines day. Work calls him out there. Which is much more closer to me. So he asked me if I would meet him. But beside that, I made him a Valentine that was super fun to make! Its a big one! I found expensive ribbon and pasted on the outside. Their is pics of my lips and eyes.... cause he always asks for pics of them, he better not ask anymore hahaha. Also a love letter is written inside. A collage of craziness combined. Oh, Valentines can be so cliche', but when you think about it.......the actual process of creating a visual aid and letter to someone you love is quite special. I hope to one day make unique personal Valentines for people. The will be ostentatious.... and a pretty penny. Oh my many many dreams! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!!

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  1. oh i love it! you do have rad eyes. i like that picture of them. he's a lucky dog