Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ummmm someone has been busy busy. But not too busy for a five minute blog moment. I have been preparing for the Bijou Market that's coming up here on  April 8-9. With school, work, commissions, boyfriend, and no social life I am sort going coo coo. I have been trying to get commissions finished all while doing 6 page shit-er-rit papers, and coming up with paintings, cards, and pointe shoes for this Bijou thing. Good thing I absolutely LOVE creating. I really cannot wait to see what these pointe shoes turn out to be. I went to see this dude today who is a self taught artist who designs custom shoes for Vans, and Converse. He shared his story, philosophy and artwork. I could completely relate to him. He said he never wants to learn how to paint and draw from anyone but himself. He also stated the fact that he paints and creates from his heart. I was on a high being able to completely relate to the dude, I definitely went up to him to ask him a question or two for some advice. My mom taught me and my siblings ever since we were young  to live from your heart, and the rest follows. My sister, when she plays her cello, truly plays from her heart. All while bringing everyone to tears. I always knew my heart is my greater genius, thus why the school doesn't really work for me. Thank you momma for teaching me such incredible things. And thank you Louie Gong for leaving Seattle to come speak to us students at UVU.


  1. i'm am so jealous of your creativity. it's amazing. and you are just my style

  2. Oh how I miss you girl! My little guy was completely captivated by your Mom at church a while back - you were M.I.A. He seriously couldn't stop staring at her. You too, have beauty that absolutely radiates from you and spreads positivity anywhere it reaches. Keep on shining, and good luck at the market.