Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Books Books Books

I have such an ITCH to read! One final down two more to go. I pretty much aced my art history final, so I felt pretty justified in buying this incredible version of Bram Stokers Dracula, I just found today. I have been waiting FOREVER to find the ultimate version/edition to add to my book collection. For some strange reason this is one of my favorite books. So many elements to it that stirs me to the brim. AH! The binding is round and everything. Its like my ultimate dream made book. I'm a weirdo, I know. Okay so, my reaaallly good friend Stephanie Cirac, got me the best Easter gift. She got me my own hard back copy of Approaching Zion by Hugh Nibley! I have been dying to read since my mission. Cause Hugh Nibley is insanely incredible. Meaty this book is. So I am super anxious to read this thick monster the moment I finish my last final. And the last book on the bottom seems a little out there, but I have already cracked it open and it blew my mind. So fascinating and informative. This summer is going to be full of luscious insight. I must admit, this is an interesting combination of books. 

P.S. I have to share the info that Stevie Nicks is coming out with a new album, very soon. Oh. My. Gosh. YES.


  1. She's been working on her album for quite a while now! She's going on tour too fyi.

  2. That Dracula book is so COOL!