Monday, April 18, 2011


Sometimes I blog just to put pictures up that inspire me, so I can go back and feel a zing when I look at my own blog post. Hahaha I pretty much only blog for me to be honest. Anyway I am posting these pics of this old souled horse, and I am absolutely in love with. I have no idea why their is such a connection, but its rare when i have them with animals. The only time that I had another connection is when I bonded and fell madly in love with Vincent Gallo's dog. Not because it was Vincents dog. I didnt even know he was even around when i went in my backyard to find the most striking sweet darling dog whimpering. I fell in love with her too, right away. Then I happened to find out that Vincent was downstairs chillin with my rad Dadio. I must admit the love did deepen more knowing that darling creature did belong to Vincent Gallo. Hehe. Anyway I will never forget that dog. As I will never forget this horse. My sister and I were driving and I saw him near a old restored barn up in Midway. And I instantly had to tell my sister to turn around so I can go meet him. She did of course and my heart melted as looked into this creatures eyes. He felt like an old soul. This was last friday, since then I went back today, just to see him and to feed him apples and carrots. It was heaven! These pics make me so happy. He is mine, in odd unownership way. There will be many more visits to come, cause I am totally missing him!

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