Wednesday, April 20, 2011


To all those who are about to read this, this blog post is going to be a blog of venting..... First off, I am soo so so sick. I thought I got food poisoning, then my sister calls to tell me she and my nephew has the same virus. I had to write a 6 page paper on top of it, and go to class all in all, plus work. Not fun. Then to add to that I broke up with my boyfriend a couple of days ago, and since I have been receiving whip lashes of him accepting us not working out, to letters of the exact opposite. I m totally pissed at that. I mean seriously, I don't think I've been so mad in a long time. Man if your not feeling it, your not feeling it. Geeze. I mean what on earth can I possibly do?? I cant change how I feel. I may end up regretting writing this later on.
  Luckily, I just wrote and finished my last paper for the semester. But I still feel like crap due to being sick and having dealt with a seriously rude email from my ex. Why I am broadcasting this?? No clue. But boy does it feel so good to let this out. I need to watch me some Practical Magic and have hope for what lies ahead for me. Cause lets be honest I love my little artistic life too much to be frustrated.


  1. You better not be watching practical magic without me. You didn't tell me you were sick!!! so sorry, being sick makes everything that is already hard, unbearable. (sigh). feel better- here's to Friday:)

  2. dallas!! i'm sorry about everything :(:(:(

    sometime's you just need to vent. guess what. i'm moving to springville in like a week and then can we hang out/go shopping/eat cupcakes all the time together? please?