Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Tea Party

This weekend was incredible. I got to go to Midway with my sister and see where my parents are going to build their new home. I have always loved Midway but it was extra different this time. I bonded with a old horse, and a older female who turned a old chicken coop into a art studio, and she had the most magical garden/backyard (almost as incredible and the yard in Practical Magic). Anyway those stories will have to come later. But I had to document of the wonderful time I had with my friends and sister and The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake. We had a tea party there. It was a legit one at that. Little cucumber sandwiches, teas, crumpets, petifores, imported cheeses, and other yummy old world flavors. The company was SO FUN. I went with Stephanie Cirac, Madi Boyer (her sister) and Sadi Atkinson, oh and of course my sweet sister. The darling little girl was such a treat, little Emma, Madi's soon to be step daughter. After we satisfied ourselves with the tea party food we went to a little french store in The Grand, called "Le Bonne," to get our macaroons. They sadly did not have my Lavendar one, but the  chandelier definitely made up for it.