Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last night I saw "Water for Elephants." I absolutely LOVED it. The whole purpose of film is to give you a break from your life and world, and take you into another. "Water for Elephants" did just that. I knew it would be good, cause I'll be honest I have the largest crush and slight obsession with Rob Pattison. YUP I DO!! I find him fascinating. I find that whatever he likes is is what I like. So I tend to follow up on him once in while. He has got some great taste in music and film. That movie last night took me to another world and time. Go see it. It has intense hard moments. But I like that about film. It has to create emotion, good and sad.
My family is moving up the canyon to Midway. I have decided to move up there with them. I am super excited to see what happens to my life. I have never fully left Provo, and let me tell ya I am ready to leave it. I love the idea of adventure and new setting, people, and scenery. I hope to make new friends and create new environments. I feel excitement in the air. 
I have one more final to finish and I am free. I keep watching Stevie Nicks youtube videos. I want her new album so bad. I want to be Stevie Nicks. I want adventure. I want blueberries. I want to runaway. I want to be a artist. I want to know EVERYTHING. What more can I say?? 


  1. I have been wanting to see that movie!!! so glad to hear it's good. As far as Midway, I guess 30 min away, is better than a state away. I, (slightly begrudginly) approve.

  2. I love midway! I'm excited for you and I have been DYING to see that movie.