Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Buckingham Nicks meets Fleetwood Mac

So I found a recent Fleetwood Mac cd in my old cd collection that I had not yet transfered over to my iPod. I have had this cd for 5 years and its even better now than it was when I first bought it. My friend Jack was telling me about the Buckingham Nick love story, and how they made Fleetwood Mac the legend that they are today. I had to do some more research. What came out of it is a love obsession for Lindsey Buckingham. Oh my heart, he is insanely gorgeous. He beats Vincent Gallo and Vincent Cassel. Hearing his music does not help, pure talent. Anyway I went on a search for Buckingham Nicks pictures and I found some that made my heart pitter patter. Buckingham you are my new fav, sorry Brandon Boyd and Dan Auerbach--Buckingham stole my heart!

**Well I am off to go get my Stevie Nicks most recent album. Stoked.

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