Friday, May 6, 2011

Classical Intrigue

Last night I couldn't sleep. Due to reasons of painting to the most incredible tunes that honestly, cannot beat any Rock and Roll or any other type of music known to man. Classical music. I stayed up listening to Saint Saens, Lizst, Ralph Vaughn Williams, Chopin to name a few. Their songs are like ten minutes long, but so worth it. I go through classical moments in my life but this classical moment, I'm going to admit, had tears streaming down my cheeks. Music does that to me, okay. hahahaha. The most spectacular classical era has to be 20th century and 18th century music, it heightens ones spirit to another realm. Last night couldn't not have been more magical. Not only cause of my musical high but also due to my incredible friend Stephanie Ciraca's, and her husbands incredible Cinco De Myo Dinner. INCREDIBLE!! She is so great, her party should have been in a magazine, that incredible. The food was truly authentic and damn tasty. The company was incredible,( you know who you are). What a great night it was. Below I found pics of my favorite composers. And last but not least, Im going to quote a famous composer who was truly inspired his whole life. This quote inspires me: "I should be sorry if I only entertained (audiences), I wish to make them better." -George Frideric Handel

*Thanks to Dezy poo and to my Dadio for bringing classical music into my life at a very young age, that I might appreciate more fully.

Favorite Composer: Strauss

Favorite pianist: Lizst 

Ralph Vaughn Williams


Saint Saens


  1. Thanks Gurrrl- such a fun night! Pics posted soon:)I need to be enlightened by your Classical music list

  2. i wish i was part of this incredible night