Monday, May 2, 2011

Favorite Artist of the Moment: Francesco Clemente

This artist haunts me.In the past couple of years, consistently, people would always connect my art to the art from the film "Great Expectations." I finally bought the film because this art has constantly been on my mind lately, plus its one of my all time favorite films. He is a self taught artist from Italy. He did all the art in "Great Expectations" film. He has done commissions, to portraits, to murals. He is so fearless, his perception is childlike. His perception is authentic, bold,and accepting. I watched an interview of him and took notes. These are some things I jotted down: "Painting is about's about acceptance," "The painting has it's own saying, you have to listen," "How does one find find his voice?? You have to make cant always be so busy." Is he not incredible?? I love him. His heart speaks to mine. Dream, dream, dream, Dallas. Ahhh inspirations.

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