Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wheat Pasting

I have been roller-blading a lot up Provo canyon lately. So naturally I found a place to paste my Bowie. Oh my gosh it was so fun. I did it last night with my mom. She rode her bike, all  while I had wheat paste and a scrolled up bowie poster in both hands gliding on roller-blades. My mom kept saying how she did not support this, but she needed the exercise. Then by the time I pasted my bowie, she was super into it. She was shockingly surprised with how fun and cool it looked. She then admitted, "I fully support this now." haha It was a good time. Today I fruitbooted (aka roller-bladed) up the canyon and as I saw my bowie from a distance, I got the biggest buzz. Man, I love ART!! I could wheat paste all day. I just have a couple more left to do, and just the right places to paste.

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