Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Honey Darling, Honey.

I'm having a fascination with HONEY. 
When I was little, I would read my favorite books The Berenstain Bears. They would always talk of eating honeycomb with milk. I craved it as a child, and I still do till this day. I love everything about honey. It has a beauty of it's own. These are my favorite sayings with the honey word in it: "Milk and Honey," "Baby Darling, Doll Face Honey," "Blood and Honey,""Fish and Honeycomb."
Yes honey.

I found this statement about honey somewhere and I enjoyed it:

As mentioned in the description of wine, the ecstatic state is often interpreted by the sense-mind as a beautiful, rich sweetness on the upper palette and at the back of the throat, accompanied by a warmth in the belly. Because there is also a humming in the inner ear and often a visual awareness of a glowing gold or white color, this experience is often compared to honey.

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  1. I'm seriously going to have some honey right now, cuz this post looked so good