Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Montana Trip

My trip was a blast! I absolutely loved being there, especially at my aunt and uncles. Man they are incredible. We did a lot of fun things. We would literally walk out the back door of my aunt and uncles go down some switch back hills and find ourselves on a private dock with a boat, seadoos, kayaks, and gorgeous Flathead Lake. It was divine. My boyfriend and I would kayak to this mini island and we would snorkle and swim with the fishies.  At night time we would all play (I'm talking the whole gang) outdoor volleyball and laugh our heads off. Also we would roast marshmallows in a fire pit near the doc. The night sky was filled so many lights I started to feel very insignificant as looked up at the reality of space and everything that it consumes. We also got to go a mini hike that my dad led us on. As I watched him in his childhood mountains, I could feel he missed home. I felt his love and admiration for the mountains that he constantly hiked in his early days. My eyes would well up with tears everyone once in a while as if I could feel what he was feeling. I then knew that I was my daddy's daughter and his love for the mountains had been passed down to me. I am so grateful for that. It was also so fun cause I got to take my boyfriend and we didn't get sick of each other one bit. I had so much fun with him being there. I miss my aunt and uncle so much. I hate it that they are so far away. I have never met such incredible people. Love you Debbie, I know you radiate Grandma Alice in every way.

My beautiful Aunt Debbie.

And now the crappy phone pics......

My second cousin Lauren. She was the most darling thing I have ever met. 

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