Friday, September 23, 2011

Donna Hay

Years back I started noticing a particular cooking magazine called Donna Hay, that is imported from Australia. The cover was always so beautiful, and the pages buttery soft. I was always consumed with it every time I would open it. I eventually started to collect them here and there. The price being so high, I couldn't justify buying every issue. They make the magazine slightly bigger and the pages slightly thicker, wanting the effect of a monthly cookbook. I have never come across a more tasteful delicious cooking magazine. The imagery of the food is simply intoxicating. Every photo is perfection. I have been ruined with cooking magazines and books since I found my Donna Hay mags. You all must check them out. My sister not knowing my love for the Donna Hay magazine, purchased a large cookbook by Donna Hay her self. A combination of alllll her recipes and photos to go with the experiences of the food. My sister made a apple pie from it with agave. The crust was so yummy, let alone the yummy apple insides. You could taste the flavors so well, with out too much sweetness. It was in it's most authentic form. That's what Donna Hay desires when creating food. 
I love finding treasures. 

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