Friday, October 21, 2011


So my family and I are staying up at a condo up Park City, which we do every October. It's one of my favorite things. Park City in the fall time is magical. I was able to hit up some art galleries, and my favorite bookstore, Dolly's Bookstore on Main Street. It's such a personable cozy bookstore. All of the books are the best editions and are most unique. It would be a dream to open my own charming book store one day. I was able to find a new treasure which so hit the spot for me. It's called PHANTASMAGORIA. It's a collaboration of all of the monsters, myths, and legends. It speaks of cornucopia's of mythical places, people, beings, and beasts. The illustrations are inspiring for me. I am always on the look for illustrations that inspire my art. I love this book already, I just educated myself on the so called "Sea of Milk"...... fascinating. 

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