Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Creative Venting

Last night was one of the worst. I cant seem to be ALONE. I am a person who functions highly well by being alone. I like to hike alone, rollerblade alone, PAINT alone, read alone, walk alone, and eat alone. I'm a very independent person and I like it that way. Maybe thats why I am still not married. haha. Last night I was trying to get in the creative mode but people just kept interfering. And they think I'm crazy cause I cant draw when someone's in the room. Hells bells I cant! It's weird, it's like my back starts to feel irritated and then my space is violated. My artist friend made me feel so much better by telling me that it's a very hard thing to get into the creative process he said quote: "Yes, it's hard being an artist. Thats why most of them are dysfunctional and on the selfish side. As its so intimate and a closed off process." This made me feel so much better. I was starting to wonder what is wrong with me. In order to draw, I have to have just the right set up. New music in my ears, everything in order (paints, paper, water in cup, computer with image.... all in order) everything has to be organized and orderly around me, and last but not least no one around. Then does my creative process start to metabolize. I'm running out of time for the bijou market. I need to get away from everyone. I have so many great ideas that I hope will be unique and refreshing, cause let's just be honest I cant stand the Utah styles of art and decor. You will NOT be seeing that with my art work. Just saying. Sorry this blog post is a post of venting.  I will mention my love for hot rollers thus why I posted pics of my hair. Good hair day despite the frustrations of being selfish artist. 


  1. i love being alone too! your hair looks awesome, hot rollers are the best. before i got lazy and always wearing my hair curly all the time i used them like crazy. i can't wait to see you at the bijou market!

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