Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Little facts about my life so far. Things are going quite well in the art world of Dallas Brooks. I'm getting more and more commissions, let alone art jobs. I have the opportunity to create 4 large paintings for a Regional Ballet Company to auction off at. I am now officially selling art pieces at a very popular art boutique. This Bijou Market is around the corner which I hope will bring even more exposer. Just the right baby steps to help me get out into the world. There is definitely a process and I am loving the way it is turning out. Ahhhh, I'm single and I am not going to lie it feels so good. And let's just say I've got some crushes going on. Anderson COOPER, you make my heart pitter patter. Local crushes, no one is quite delivering. But it's so nice to not worry about that aspect in life. I am a little burned out in that department. I'll just enjoy the sexy Anderson Cooper in the mean time.
 I must say that I am enjoying this time of the year. I can feel Christmas around the corner, the days are so short, with that bone chill in the air. And the mountain sorta turns to a candy pink, cause of the frosted snow. I am absolutely LOVING my new iPhone. I am starting to tweet. Someone suggested that I do so, they said you must if you're an artist. Haha I gave in. Probably cause I can't seem to put down my new sexy phone. The process of moving to a choice part of the world is happening very very soon. Can't wait for my new room and how to decor it. Thanksgiving, I am quite excited for, I get to go to Stein Erickson Lodge up in Park City. I'm sorta ruined for life with Thanksgiving experiences. I absolutely looooooove dining out. Last but not least, a very very unique and special friend is coming to visit me. This should be interesting. That's all for now. Btw I am soo into fairy tales the last couple of months, so I am drawing some darling Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and other fun images that make my heart happy for the Bijou Market.

I am loving fairy tale illustrations these days.

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  1. I love the update! It's so good to hear that singlehood is treating you well. It has treated me very well these past 4 months. But now I am approaching the edge of wanting to enter a serious relationship again, but, like you, the local boys aren't reaching any aspect of my soul. Maybe those boys up in Midway/Park City have some sort of magic! Also, the bijou market has been on my calender for weeks!!! I am so excited, specifically to get some of Dallas Brooke's art! And, I am so excited to see you - even if you are in the midst of crazy ladies wanting to buy your art!