Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sexual Chemistry

Alright I am going to talk about the topic of Sexual Chemistry. Holy cow. Can I just say it is alive and well, and I have tasted it in the highest sense. In fact it is still lingering from this past weekend. My very unique special friend came to see me. He stayed in Park City and I got to have the weekend with him. I haven't seen him for some time. I remember him being the best kisser I have ever kissed. But I took it for granted. I'm fascinated at how two individuals can feel something so unique and rare-- it's like magic. I would be driving and then he swiped my hair from my neck and moved it behind my shoulder. I would shutter with electricity. What is that??!! I haven't had that feeling since I was 19 with the one love of my life at the time. But this time around it was fascinating to see how my body would react and respond with butterflies and excitement over just small touches, or glances. Still am I melting over the feeling. I am pretty old for the Utah single world. And I have dated and kissed many many. Too ashamed to admit how many, but not one regret. I'm a lover of kissing and I don't mind one bit. I have learned so many things having dated the many I have dated. And Chemistry is a rare, and beautiful, magical thing. I have come to some huge epiphanies the last couple of days. You cannot force anything and if you try, you are in for a huge disappointment. Question is will I let this magical chemistry pass by again??? Time will tell. 

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  1. it is definitely time for us to catch up!! text me with your schedule and let's plan something!