Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Pathetic When......

I laugh at the circumstances that I am in these days in order to paint. I have been starting to think this is how it will be forever. But no, I am not doomed to sit on floors and awkward places to paint and glitter anymore. My legs fall asleep and it hurts!! The pics below are documented for me so in the future when I will have my studio one day, I will laugh at the many awkward circumstances I have painted in. Here are some comments in my head as I glitter and paint in ruff moments: "I hope Matt and Dez doesn't find any ink any where!" "Great, my mom is going to freak!" "I hope Marin still wants to be my friend, after having found glitter in the cracks again," "How in the HELL does this INK get everywhere!!" "My lungs are officially coated with glittered after this project," "No one will notice ink on my skully blanket, few." "@$&!, $&*%!!!......The comments go on and on. 2 more days and I will have my art desk set up and a blank wall to paint, oh and my window seal seat to paint on. I cant wait!! 

Not a fan of these Christmas cards, but it's what the boutique ordered. Boring little dumb Christmas trees. 

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  1. you look GORGEOUS in these pictures. i have a pretty friend named dallas.