Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My ROoM My RoOm!!

I just LOVE my new room. Of course it's still in the works. For one thing, the movers lost my bed parts. So I cannot put together my one of kind Stickley carved bed. I paid sooo much money for, my OWN money. It makes my little heart so sad. BUT, other than that I couldn't be more happy to have my books, my paintings up, and some cozy corners to do art and write in my journal. 

Can you count how many skulls are in my room?? There are a lot!

My own little sound system. My dad and I need to get a turntable for it. I cannot wait! I love learning the fascinations of my dads mind when it comes to building sound system set ups. He is quite amazing! 
It will be so incredible listening to LPs while I paint.

My Bowie painting! My friend Jairus, custom made this copper frame for me. I painted him a Marilyn Monroe. We did a trade. He wants to do another one, I just might have to.

The Girl With a Pearl Earring still never ceases to stir my soul. I love her so much!

This cozy little nook is where I look out to Mt. Timp and write in my journal and read. It's so cozy and yummy! 

My bed looks so bare without my bed post, but I love my art table and close hand.

I will soon post pictures of the rest of the home soon. It amazes me every day. My parents are quite the creators. 


  1. wait- that's a new bed spread from the one I saw. right? love it.

  2. it looks pretty cute. i love those hanging lights. they're awesome. good work little lady