Thursday, January 12, 2012

Of Late Obsessions

I have been having my unsual circuit of obsessions lately. I must share them for heavens sakes. Just to document them at this time of my life. Here we go......................

1. I have been having the oddest obsession of LA's Chateau Marmont. I have this strange fantasy of meeting Winona Ryder there one day. I just love it's old mysterious gothic glamour. I must go there soon.

2. I can't get over how incredible Moby Grape is. One of my new favorite finds in music.

3. I have the deepest love for Blues Rock right now. John Lee Hooker and his brooding, sensual authentic blues songs just keep making my heart thump with intrigue. Dan Auerbach and his original rawness at capturing blues rock just right coming from a white man. He is literally the only white guy to pull of blues rock. 

4. I am in Love with Tom Hardy. Hmmmm where have you been all my life. Just watched RocknRolla tonight. This guy was adorable in it. Yet wicked crazy tuff in Warrior. Talented SOB.

5. The fact that I just got a personal email from Vincent Gallo telling me he wants to visit the Brooks family and see my art. Oh man, that means I better come up with some sick art soon. I completely melt when I am near him aka Starstruckdomness.

6. I am obsessed with the fact that the days are ticking away till my first Art Gallery in Feb. Oh my heart, got to still get a lot done.

7. Obsessed with the fact that I just got Black Keys concert tickets. The only must see concerts that I could ever ask for is: Stevie Nicks, Black Keys, John Lee Hooker, and of course Lizt.

8. Obsessed with a special someone in LA. No one does it for me but him. That's the truth.

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