Saturday, February 25, 2012


I had yet another wonderful trip. I got to see my favorite man in the world, introduce my man to my fam (which went incredibly well!), and got a break of the snow. The pictures say the rest..... 

Sandals, ferris wheels, and Balboa Island.

Went to Orange, one of the largest antique towns in the country. I found this new little world of yummy Chalk dolls. I have to go back and get these two indians. But I did purchase this darling little persian girl. She seriously is a new treasure of mine. I love the history of chalk dolls. They put this almost glass cut glitter on them. Sadly most of the glitter came off of my treasure. But I just adore her! 

Last couple of weeks I have purchased the most incredible vinlys: Jimi Hendrix, Rainbow, Stevie Nicks, Mos Def, The Who. And I just added these two (The Doors and The Greatful Dead) gems to my collection. It was so cool I pulled out the Greatful Dead vinly to check out if there was any scratches and out came this massive circular sticker that has the skeleton on it. It's sooo old. I'm super glad it was left for me.

Rolland and I then got to make me some more t shirts. I sold 80% percent of the ones he sent to me for my show. I got to watch the process. Soooo not simple. So people, these t shirts are like a piece of art work. Rolland got frustrated at me for selling them for $30. He made me promise $40 and up. After making them with him, I will not renounce this request.

We made this one for me, I got to pick out yummy candy colors. Love.

By far the most fascinating part of my trip was watching Rolland create, and work his business. I got to see and help him in his process of making customized piece of art: wearable art.  He had to make t-shirts featuring the Rolling Stones, The Doors, David Bowie, and Bob Dylan. I got to pic the David Bowie images, which made me one happy girl. I watched him adjust them on the graphic design program, and then watch him burn the images onto silkscreens. Then I got to watch the best part, image by image he placed the pictures on the t shirts and silk screened them. Signed them. Layer by layer process. I am so attracted to this man for so many reasons but to watch this....... I was in awe. He is so amazing.

We also got to have our Valentine outing together which was very romantic. He took me to this fancy Japanese restaurant, and then for desert we went to a lounge that over looked downtown LA. I  have so much fun with him. I am constantly laughing, so do the annoying waitress who wait on us.

The garden in the restaurant where we ate.

I LOVE Cherries in my 7UP. 

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