Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Break is Over

Okay, okay I'm back. I had a moment of anger due to viewers who made accuasations about me and my so called edginess. I refuse to be labeled or placed in a any one category. Usually I don't care what anyone thinks about me. But when poeple question my beliefs and where I stand with my religion and feelings I will not put up with it. So if any of you feel that my blog is too edgy please do not come back. Otherwise I am going to be me, and express the things that bring inspiration to my life.

On that note, I absolutely LOVE this short film by Vanessa Bruno


  1. Truly one of my biggest pet peeves. I'll admit I'm a bit too on the edge and I probably don't worry enough about what my family thinks of me...but I'm quite happy with my current state of living and no matter what comments our silly family (or others) might make I intend on continuing the way I've been. I can totally relate to this post! Love ya!