Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blue. Blue. Blue. Brown.

I know my hair topic is very annoying. But I think if you saw your hair changing everyday possibly getting worse with the effect of the ever so damaging bleach, you would understand my obsession. I was coming to terms that instead of stressing over the thickness being no more, I must go back to my raw and real color. I have an addiction to blonde hair that satisfies something in me. I wish it wasn't such an identity thing. I ended finding someone with the exact hair color as mine. Rosie (the chick form Transformers II), she brought me back to my senses that I should embrace my natural color and love it. Rolland says he likes my natural the best anyway, how convenient. So brunette it is. I was going to go blue, then got over it until I found this darling little blue headed Kingston. It brought back my wants for the blue hair thing. Dang it. Also I just so happened to find blue dye in Rolland's cupboard. It's meant to be. 
I finally have my full collection of Tracy Anderson workouts. I can already tell a difference. Maybe it comes from my basketball days of having intense cardio, cause she delivers when it comes to intensity. Not a lot of people like that, but thats when I feel so alive. I don't feel like I have been toned for quite some time, and now I am getting their again. Blessed Tracy.

On the left is a pic from my chubby mission days. I had to go to my natural hair color. Man, did I get my thick thick hair back. So this is the plan yet again. Another blonde break. Blondes do have more fun though, I have to admit. But yet their is a deep part of me that wants to be at my best most natural effortless self..... I am getting there.

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